Когато ви предлагаме подарък на някой, искате да се уверите, че всичко е перфектно. One of the most important factors that enhance your gift is the packaging. Gifts are special, regardless of the reason you are presenting them. This means that every gift should be wrapped with love and creativity using the best materials.
To add value to your gift giving experience, you need the right tools. Our easy to use Ribbon Shredder is a carefully designed and versatile tool, capable of increasing the possibilities of your gift wrapping.
It is a tool guaranteed to make your gift wrapping stand out.

About Easy-to-use Ribbon Shredder
This Ribbon Shredder is a ribbon shredder tool that is similar in appearance to a mini hair straightener. It is a ribbon shredder with metal teeth or sometimes plastic teeth on the upper part of the device. The teeth cut the ribbon and a retainer at the bottom curls the ribbon simultaneously. This means that this tool can shred and curl ribbons. It is lightweight and portable to facilitate its use. It is easy to use by simply placing the ribbon in between the plates and shredding it in a single pull. The ribbon mini tool saves you the stress and time of cutting and shredding ribbon separately to make a bow or other decorations.

The Company
Honstar Ribbon Bows Co., Ltd., (http://www.ribbon-accessories.com) is a manufacturing company that has been dedicated to the making and exporting all kinds of ribbons, handmade ties and related accessories for several years.
The amazing Ribbon Shredder is the company’s flagship product and it comes in four models. With these models, you can divide the ribbon yourself, without the help of vendors or gift decorators. The product allows you to be creative and to infuse your personality, emotion and intentions in a perfectly wrapped gift.
The device is known by several names which include ribbon curler, панделка нож, лента мини инструмент за рязане, лента мини машина за нарязване, лента раздробяване и извиване, ribbon shredder tool, или лентов сплитер.

All ribbon shredder COLORS can be MADE TO ORDER.

The tool has several uses and is suitable for any event or season. It can assist you in creating any decorations for a craft project, weddings, Christmas, and so on.
We are committed to providing everyone with high-quality and beautiful poly ribbon, gift bows and wrapping ideas.
As the most qualified Chinese partner in poly ribbon and gift bows productions, Honstar continues to serve many Fortune 500 international groups. Ние помагаме с образоването на нашите клиенти и избягване на всякакви проблеми чрез нашия опит.
Освен нашата невероятна панделка инструмент шредер, основните ни продукти включват:
Poly панделка, Ribbon Spool, Гофрирани Кърлинг лента, лентата кегове (Ribbon яйца), Поли деко окото лента, Bird водоотблъскващи изплаши панделка ленти, Балон тяхна лента, Multi-Channels панделка Ролки, Pom Pom разтегателни лъкове, Butterfly разтегателни лъкове, Тъкани Ribbon лък, Предварително вързани лъкове, звездни лъкове, Fancy лъкове, Кърли лъкове, гигант панделка & лъкове автомобили, Полиестерно фолио ролка & ПЕТ фолио (панделка Roll), хартия плетени, Великден Grass, обвивна хартия, Празните лента макари, Ribbon Гарланд & сърма, и пайети.