U vacanze sò una staghjoni passiunanti è di Natale hè ancu di più una maraviglia cù u scambiu di doni di a famiglia è amichi. Gifts fà tutti anticipate u vacanze cù a cuntintezza.
A mio casa, noi nun sulu accattari doni, avemu dinù piglià donu super assai seriu. Cumprendu un donu è dassi à un amicu, o amare unu sò dui cose sfarente. U modu tù all'Europei u vostru bagagliu sceltu cuntribuisci à ciò chì face u statutu è beata un donu.
Dapoi simu in u staciuni di vacanzi, I have pulled together a guide on gifting from acquiring items to finding the perfect tools to wrap them. Read on to know 6 must have tools for Christmas gift wrapping.

  1. The gift itself
    The gift is the main item on the table. Ensure that it is carefully selected and suitable for the friend or loved one. A classic tip with selecting gifts is to find something that the receiver needs or loves.
  2. Wrapping paper
    These are an essential item in gift wrapping. Merely seeing the colorful wrapping papers encasing an object increases the cheer of the season. Wrapping papers come in several vibrant colours, unexpected patterns or prints, and types such as solid colour, seasoned, or tissue wrapping papers.
  3. Scissors or shears
    Gift wrapping without a pair of sharp, usable scissors or shears can be frustrating. Don’t take them for granted. Get one for your gift wrapping this season.
  4. Ribbons and bows
    Ribbons and bows are a must-have accessory for gift wrapping of any kind. They come in creative designs, shiny metallic colours, lengths, widths, and so on. There is no end to the variety with ribbons and bows and the beauty they add to gift wrapping is just as diverse. Get your assortment of ribbons and bows here.
  5. Tape
    Good ole tape cannot be left aside during gift wrapping. Tape comes in handy for dire situations and offers a quick way out at all times.
  6. Ribbon Shredder
    Gift wrapping is all about creativity from the heart. To achieve this you need an equally innovative tool such as the ribbon shredder. This tool helps you shred ribbons easily and smoothly. It adds extra spice to your designs for bows and other ideas. It is the perfect tool for gift wrapping of any occasion. You can get a portable ribbon shredder right here.

Let’s make gift wrapping fun and special this season. Happy holidays!