What is Ribbon Shredder Flowers? And how to Create a Dynamic Ribbon Shredder flower Bow?how to make a shredder ribbon bow,Paper Shredder Tools,gift packing ideas

You Will Need

  • Ribbon stripper
  • (www.ribbon-shredder.com)
    Polyester ribbon – 2〃wide
    (two colours optional)(County Baskets)
  • Double-sided tape
  • Clear tape
  • Scissors
A modern twist to bow making
with our amazing ribbon stripping tool,
no gift wrapper should be
without this. In this project you
will learn how to make a fantastic intricately cut bow.

Step 1:
Cut three stripes of each colour of the ribbon measuring approximately
15cm/6〃 long. You can make this bow with on ribbon colour.

Step 2:
Leave approximately 2cm/1〃 on each side.
Place the first ribbon strip in between the teeth of the ribbon stripper.

Apply even force on the stripper and strip the ribbon
do not strip the ribbon off the end.
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TIP – Gently tug the ribbon in the ribbon shredder to ensure ribbon isn`t shredded
to the end.

Step 3:
Repeat the same of all six strips of ribbon.

Step 4:
Fold the stripped ribbon in half and twist the ribbon at the base. This will
create a beautiful flower effect.
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Step 5:
Apply clear tape to the base of the ribbon to create a strong stem.
Apply double-sided tape around the stem and remove the backing.

Step 6: Take another piece of stripped ribbon fold in half and wind around
the double-sided tape. Apply clear tape to the stem.
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Repeat the process with the remainder stripped ribbons and finish off with
double-sided tape.

Step 7:
Take a strip of ribbon approximately 15cm/6〃long and strip all the way off
the end creating thin strips of ribbon.

Step 8:
Twist the shredded ribbon strip around the double-sided tape and finally secure
with clear tape.

Step 9:
Make a small cut at the base of the ribbon stem. Ensure the cut is small,
do not cut too deep and gently pull apart, do not split the ribbon too deep.Christmas Gift Wrap Best Ribbon Shredder Curler Tool for Gift Wrapping Ideas