hat is ribbon shredding tool?

Ribbon shredding tool

Сондай-ақ, деп аталатын жатыр ribbon shredder, таспа Қайырғыш, таспа кескіш, Таспа шағын көлденеңiнен кесуге арналған құрал, Таспа шағын көлденеңiнен кесуге арналған машина, or ribbon splitter.

Ribbon shredding tool is a device that made of plastic and with a row of plastic or stamped metal teeth of suitable number and length mounted in the upper jaw of the tool.RSPAC Double Sided Ribbon Shredder for Gift Wrapping Idea
There are several types of ribbon shredder on the market,сияқты:

  • ribbon shredding tool with metal teeth,
  • Таспа Шредер және Қайырғыш,
  • таспа сплиттер with plastic teeth,
  • double sides ribbon shredder and curling tools,
  • Таспа Шредер Қайырғыш құралы,
  • ribbon shredder tool UK
  • ribbon shredder Australia,Таспа Шредер қағаз кескіш,және т.б..

And the bottom jaw of the tool with the hole to accept the spring retainer.
Қолдан кесу үшін қажетті тынымсыз жұмысты мен уақытты жоюға және оны одан сәндік жасауға қайшымен лентаны бұралып үшін құралы жұмыс, by pressing against upper and bottom jaw, содан кейін ғана құралы арқылы лентасын тартып.
Ол аз ені мыналарды таспа белдеулерін көптеген ішіне бірінші ені поли таспа материалды кесуге үшін арналған, Содан кейін сәндік қабат үшін бұралып. мұндай сыйлық орау пакеттері және салмасы пайдаланылады ретінде, Таспамен тізбек оны пайдалану арқылы одан сәндік жасалуы мүмкін, онда.
With the help of ribbon shredding tool you can split your ribbon by yourself, and without any help from the salesmen to make bows or decorate your gifts. You can make bows, flowers and to trim the ribbon for making a bouncing effect in ribbons. Ribbon shredder can be used to make flowers of ribbons and also to make the bows from the ribbons and to make the curls too.

How to make the Ribbon Bow to Attach to the Gifts?

• Take a small piece of ribbon, and with the help of ribbon shredder put the pressure on the ribbon and before reaching the other end, take out the pressure from the ribbon. Like this, you can see many splits can be made and then fold both ends together.
• Take both ends together and apply the tape on it, then roll that one to make a beautiful look of the bow. Then apply the double sided tape on it.
• Make different sized pieces of ribbons and do the shredding of them from inside. Repeat the step again and with the help of shredder make an amazing look of the bow.
• In the end, let the last ribbon side free and trim with the help of scissors and then attach to the bow, like this there you could see that different colors of the bow would appear.
You can see that there are many types of ribbon shredders, whichever you want to use, it’s up to you, and there are the razor teeth shredders, plastic teeth shredders and also a curler.

How to make curls in the ribbons with the ribbon curler?

There you can see a very sharp end of the ribbon curler, with which you can make curls and there you can use the curler tool too for curling the ribbons. If you are going to the party and in hurry and you have to pack the gifts, and then use your curling tool for it.

Method to use the ribbon curler:

  • Place one thumb of yours to one end of the ribbon curler and slightly pull off the ribbon through it in a straight way.
  • You can see the curls in the ribbons that you can attach to the gifts if you wish.

How to make ribbon Flowers?

  1. Take a ribbon and shred it from in between, then fold that from both ends.
  2. Roll the folding around a small stick that would be around that ribbon to make a small flower; then tape a green tape around the stick from the back.
  3. Repeat the step and this time take a long strip of ribbon; roll it all along around the stick. It would come in shape of a beautiful big flower made of ribbon, then after doing this for 4 times, roll the green tape from the end of the stick and bounce the flower from the top.

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