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To make your own DIY soap loaf unique, perfect shape and easily, A professional set of wood soap molds that must have, Pack of 24 !

It can help you to take all the sharp edges off the bar easily and leave a smooth finish!

【Package Include】
1 * Handmade Adjustable Wood Soap Mold
1 * Silicone Soap Mold with Wood Box
1 * Stainless Steel Straight Soap Cutting Tool
1 * Silicone “Hand Made” Soap Mold
1 * Bear silicone mold
1 * Silicone Clover Soap Mold
1 * Silicone Butterfly Soap Mold
1 * Soap Holder
6 * Color oil paper
10 * “hand made” Label

* Super easy to use Wood Soap cutter, DIY Handmade essential Oh
* Easy to Cut with Smooth Finish and Easy to clean and will not rust. * Easily cut out wavy soap , super beauty
* Cut soaps, soap combo repair, soap division does not regret the choice
* Soap repair train to get cut out soap beautiful and pretty
* More intimate is the front bezel and the side panel full-scale design