Ribbon Shredder and Curler Tool were designed for slitting poly ribbon material of a first width into a plurality of ribbon strips of lesser width comprising, then curl for a decorative finish. such as used on gift wrapping packages and Stuffing, where a strand of ribbon can be made more decorative by its use.

With the help of ribbon shredder you can split your ribbon by yourself, and without any help from the salesmen to make bows or decorate your gifts. You can make bows, flowers and to trim the ribbon for making a bouncing effect in ribbons. Ribbon splitter can be used to make flowers of ribbons and also to make the bows from the ribbons and to make the curls too.

How to Make Ribbons Straight & Curl with Ribbon Shredder and Curler?

How to make ribbons straight & curl with ribbon shredder? Very easy!! Curling and shredding in ONE EASY PULL!

There you can see a very sharp end of the ribbon curler, with which you can make curls and there you can use the curler tool too for curling the ribbons.
Slip ribbon from right to left between the metal teeth of the shredder.Then, keep the pressure on the shredder with your hand and slide it firmly down.

  • Make the ribbon stay straight easily.
  • The greater angle more curl.Make the ribbon stay curl easily.

If you are going to the party and in hurry and you have to pack the gifts, and then use your curling tool for it.ribbon shredder and curler