Gift wrapping is a special task that happens now and then. You could be wrapping gifts for the holidays, a friend’s birthday, a family reunion, or for the love of your life. Experience will show you that as simple as gift wrapping may seem it can be quite frustrating. Sometimes it looks impossible to bring that creative idea to life. The ribbons won’t obey you, and in the end, you settle for a regular, boring and straightforward gift wrap.

The good news is it doesn’t have to be this way anymore. Your gifts can now be wrapped beautifully and neatly with class thanks to RSPAC!


RSPAC is the ingenious acronym which means Ribbon Shredder for Gift Packing.

RSPAC is a brand that proffers solution to the frustration of gift wrapping for its clients. RSPAC presents wonder tools that are designed to enable you to bring those creative ideas to life. RSPAC tools offer limitless possibilities to your gift wrapping. These tools are easy to use by anyone of any age and are guaranteed to make your gifts more special with a touch of class.
We have introduced the unique Ribbon Shredding tool for our clients. RSPAC’s Ribbon Shredding tool is the most complete and trusted curl and shred toolkit in the market. It is user-friendly and designed to be highly convenient.

RSPAC Ribbon-Shredder with Stainless Steel Teeth


With RSPAC’s Ribbon Shredder you can split and curl ribbons as you desire to make various designs, bows, and flowers for your gifts. Since our RSPAC Ribbon Shredder is a DIY tool, it possesses unique features that make it a must-have for everyone.

  • RSPAC Ribbon shredder is a smart, handy tool
    With little or no pressure, this tool is comfortably used by placing the ribbon properly and then pulling the shredder along it.
  • RSPAC Ribbon shredder comes with four (4) styles of ribbon splitters.
    The Ribbon Shredder is available in single sides and double sides. Also, we offer further diversity with metal teeth or plastic teeth. With this variety, there is no limit to your gift wrapping designs.
  • RSPAC Ribbon shredder is safe
    Special care is taken to ensure that our Ribbon Shredder is designed to be safe for all users. The tool is made of plastic, so your fingers are completely protected at all times.
  • RSPAC Ribbon shredder is lightweight
    Our product is portable with no noticeable weight which makes it easy to carry around and use on the go.
Shred and Curl Ribbon to Make Your Gift Unique and Special with RSPAC


The RSPAC brand is brought to you by Hornstar Gift Wrapping Co. Ltd. Our company has been manufacturing gift wrapping accessories and tools since 2001. We are a professional and aspiring team, dedicated to developing new and refreshing solutions to packaging.

Our products include ribbon and bows, ribbon shredding and curling tools, wrapping papers and other accessories.

Our services extend from manufacturing to supply and also information. We provide our clients with necessary knowledge, ideas and all-around assistance in packaging.

Our RSPAC brand from Hornstar Gift Wrapping Company has been tested by over 70,000 users who are overwhelmed with nothing but praise and satisfaction of this outstanding tool.

The Company is looking forward to working with wholesalers and distributors worldwide to share the excitement and fun that is RSPAC. We invite such partners to join us in this lucrative and fulfilling venture.

We are committed to keeping the trust and satisfaction of our clients. The Hornstar Gift Wrapping Company is consistently developing new models and accessories to give our clients even more than they can expect.



RSPAC is a wonder Ribbon Shredder with the capability to curl and shred ribbons effectively. The ribbons maintain their beauty, and your gift wrapping game is upgraded.

RSPAC is not limited to any gift or season. Christmas gifts, Easter gifts, valentine gifts, a family gift or much more can be packaged from the heart and hold more significance to the receiver.
Take action and create your unique gifts with RSPAC.

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